Culture of Ballia

The culture and beliefs of the people of Ballia have its roots in its main state Uttar Pradesh and some inspired by its neighboring state Bihar. Each family has changed its traditions according to the times and gained knowledge over time.

Due to the contribution of the people of Ballia in the Freedom movement, it is called "Baghi Ballia". There is a famous saying by the people "Ballia Jila ghar ba t kauna baat ke dar baa". The primary language of the Ballia is Bhojpuri. The city has also given birth to various famous poets and novelists and hence one can say that literature is in the blood of the people of Ballia. Scholars like Hazari Prasad Dwivedi, Parashuram Chaturvedi, Amarkant are some of the scholars who had their roots in Ballia.

Ballia is known as a holy city and hence the city or even the district follows strict Indian culture. The people here are believers of the famous saint Bhrigu and have built a Bhrigu Ashram for them.